A marketing secret you may be missing

Words make or break your marketing message. As much as power-packed words add to the mix, there’s another key – credibility. It’s the personal element behind those words.

I’m an insatiable reader. I read for mentoring, to sharpen my skills, to gain and keep my professional and personal-performance edge. Occasionally I’ll escape the daily routine through good fiction or thought provoking essays.

I subscribe to nearly a dozen e-zines. Their content occasionally prompts me to part with my money to purchase a resource or two. That’s the power of well-written copy.

I’m reminded of an experience I had with the writer/publisher of resources I frequently read. He taught me something of vital importance about marketing.

RB is among the top professionals in his field. He’s well paid for his expertise – approaching 30 years of experience. I consider him a mentor via his printed resources.

I was facing an interview with a potential client. I needed some insight in order to do the assigned work. I believed RB – with his resume of experience – could help. I sent him a brief email, hopeful he’d reply (in a a day or two) with direction to one of his relevant resources.

Not 5 minutes after clicking –send- my phone rang – “Hello…” “Hi, Eddie this is RB…listen I’ve got a resource you might be interested in…” The conversation continued for a couple of minutes. It led to an offer of assistance (on his part – no charge) and my agreement to reciprocate with some assistance of my own and I soon found a very helpful resource arriving in my in-box.

What’s most valuable about that experience? That I received needed help…promptly? Certainly! But more than that – I’ll unpack it in a moment.

I’ve read countless chapters of RB’s resources. As I said, his words mentor me in my craft as a professional copywriter. Now his words have even greater impact because they’ve moved from the printed page to another level.

Here’s my point…

Say what you will about *customer service* and its effect on your marketing. Sometimes the simplest approaches leave the most lasting impression. I’m a raving fan of RB and his resources. His recent actions increased my sense that I’m a valued “customer,” even though I’m an industry colleague as well.

His actions go beyond mere customer service to what I call *relational-capital*.

Relationships matter! Face to face, in print, online, or through the phone – it matters that you establish them. Diligently work to maintain them and they’ll serve you – even pay you – repeatedly!

Here’s how to improve your relational-capital:

–>Maximize your *marketing moments*

Well-worded resources are the base-line of moment to moment marketing. You’ve created a brochure…launched a website…invested in advertising space in a trade journal…or increased your PPC (pay-per-click) or Google ad-word budget. Those are good, measurable uses of your time and marketing resources.

Remember you earn a massive amount of credibility when you increase your relational-capital in the process. Moments – even methods – come and go – relationships last!

Social media has raised the marketing game to new levels. You can engage your clients and potential ones in the moment via a tweet, a like, page post, blog post, etc. If you’re not using social media, you’re leaving tons of relational-capital to those who recognize it’s value for building relationships with their market. Start engaging!

–>Activate an *act now* approach

A client or potential client requests information about a product or service you provide. Whether they leave a voice mail or send an email, develop the habit of responding via the most relational action (again, social media is free and available).

99.9% of the time it’s the personal touch that makes the greatest impression (face-to-face or phone). Use social media, e-mail, and text-messaging…just don’t hide behind them.

–>Favor frequent *follow-up*

Marketing coach, Ali Brown, says, “The fortune is in the follow-up.” Simply put. Be vigilant about staying on the radar of your clients and prospects. Pick up the phone…make the call…send a brief email…use social media…mail a postcard or another form of direct mail. Frequent follow-up builds the relationship.

Learn from and be inspired by my experience. In marketing as in life…relationships pay! And relational-capital can increase your profits!

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