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Is This Obsession “Killing” Your Dental Marketing Content?

An obsession. You probably have one (or more). I do. Relax. This isn’t confession time. But I will confess to one thing. I’m obsessed these days with helping dental website owners and developers end their obsession with feature-heavy content. Features have their place. Actually, they have one strategic purpose…and overuse isn’t one of them. My […]


What a Back-Handed Criticism Taught Me About Watching My Language and How It Can Improve Your Dental Website Content

A criticism recently got under my skin. I prefer to roll with push-back but this one irritated me given my experience and expertise. It involved a discussion about a website’s language, tone, and readability. By the way, each are vital on your dental website and in your dental marketing. Let’s make one thing clear – […]


How to Add Some “Suspense” to Your Dental Marketing Content and Increase Your Influence

Out of the corner of my eye, all I saw was a dark flash outside my studio window. And then a few tufts of feathers floating upward in the breeze. The suspense hung in the air as I searched for the cause of all the commotion. It’s easy to miss the point of why you […]


The First (of 3) Snooze-You-Lose Strategies That Eliminate Panic and Propel Your Dental Marketing

If you’ve ever attended a family reunion you understand. I’ll explain. At the core, it’s the same principle that connects your dental marketing to the big-picture strategy. My dad made a statement at our most recent family reunion. I can’t get it out of my mind. It answers the question, “Why am I here?” And […]

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