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The “Do-You-Floss?” Principle That’s Shutting Down Your Dental Marketing Message

Roadblocks keep us from getting to our desired destination. The same happens in your dental copywriting and marketing conversations, sometimes unknowingly. Here’s an example I discovered recently that illustrates my point. Consider when a hygienist asks, “do you floss?” Let’s be honest – the hygienist knows the answer. If they can’t tell from the tartar […]


How Copywriting Uncovers the Hidden Value of Your Dental Products & Services

A local paper ad caught my wife’s attention. It was promoting an international coin buyer’s event taking place over the weekend at a local hotel. Our experience prompted my thoughts about some important dental copywriting and marketing principles. I was reminded how it’s essential to think about the untapped value within your dental products and […]


“Est” Syndrome & How to Beat It in Your Dental Content

Sometimes I can’t get-over-myself. This occasionally happens when I write proposals to promote my services to a potential client. My first hurdle with self promotion is taking myself just seriously enough to boldly inform someone that I’m the person to get-it-done for them. Something similar happens with product and service promotions. The “est” syndrome. This […]

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