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3 Fundamentals for Publishing an Enewsletter as a Follow-up Tool

The problem may not be your lack of follow-up but how consistently you lack it. Think about it! You have good intentions when it comes to following up on prospects and potential leads in your dental marketing. But how many times can you draft an email or hand-written note and keep doing it over and [...]


What a toddler taught me about marketing

My almost-2-year-old grandson loves books. He walks across the room book in hand, plops down beside me and we read together. One of the books in his stash of favorites is  – “What Do Babies Need?” He’s  now several months removed from baby-hood. But he’s still occasionally captivated by the pictures and short answers that [...]


5 Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Dental Marketing Content

If you’ve received a marketing piece in the mail you’ve probably, on occasion, commented, “Wow! Someone spent some money on that!” Next time ask a deeper (and better) question – would I do business with them because the mailer was pure eye-candy or because it engaged me? Engagement matters! And that’s why your marketing content [...]


Why If-You-Build-It-They-Will-Come Isn’t a Good Marketing Plan

“If you build it, they will come…” Really? Will they? Sure, it’s a good movie line (Field of Dreams) but is it a good principle for marketing your business, products, and services? Attracting a “crowd” to your business,  products, and services these days takes more than a presence. For example, marketing your dental industry services [...]


3 Ways to Stimulate Response with Your Dental Marketing Copy

I’m a visual person. I tend to think in pictures and images. When I set goals I see the process, the path, the end-result of achieving it. And I move forward in that direction (at least that’s the plan). Visualization stimulates energy. Imagination taps into emotions. Images ignite thoughts and compel actions toward creating preferable [...]

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