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How to Find Your “Voice” and Compel a Positive Response to Your Dental Marketing Message

“Imagine the person you’re writing to. Picture him or her as a friend. Believe that the (service) you’re (promoting) will improve your friend’s life. Figure out what it would take to convince you to buy the product.” – Paul Hollingshead “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” That memorable phrase contains a […]


What a Back-Handed Criticism Taught Me About Watching My Language and How It Can Improve Your Dental Website Content

A criticism recently got under my skin. I prefer to roll with push-back but this one irritated me given my experience and expertise. It involved a discussion about a website’s language, tone, and readability. By the way, each are vital on your dental website and in your dental marketing. Let’s make one thing clear – […]


How to Create Dental Website Content That Guides Readers to Solutions with Compass-like Precision

Where I recently hiked is not for the directionally challenged. And I quickly discovered something about maps that has helped me find my way more than once. The same could be said of your current location on the dental marketing grid. Marketing your dental services has value relative to what you know and understand about […]


Why “Tasty” Associations are Way Better than “Deadly” Assumptions in Your Dental Website Content

It was a random, out of season, statement. Especially during the heat of July. There’s a gap between making an association and making an assumption. One can benefit your dental website content. The other can hinder it’s impact. The key is playing to your strengths. Especially on the benefit side. Our grandson was thoroughly enjoying […]

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