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Does Your Dental Marketing Content Need to Get-a-Life?

What motivates someone to purchase a product or use a service? Think about your most recent purchase. Consider the promotion that led you to hand-over your earnings. Freelance copywriter and author, Bob Bly introduced me to a concept in one of his articles. A colleague revealed [in his opinion] that people don’t necessarily care about [...]


Get the Picture, Get More Business

A picture or an image has a sort-of superpower quality. An image transports you (in the blink of an eye) to a place you couldn’t otherwise be. As the saying goes, “A picture’s worth a thousand words…” There’s a vital secret about copy. One that increases the odds it will be read while compelling the [...]


5 Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Dental Marketing Content

If you’ve received a marketing piece in the mail you’ve probably, on occasion, commented, “Wow! Someone spent some money on that!” Next time ask a deeper (and better) question – would I do business with them because the mailer was pure eye-candy or because it engaged me? Engagement matters! And that’s why your marketing content [...]


Can You Cut-to-the-Chase?

Working as a copywriter I’ve learned that simplicity rules. I often post about being conversational in your copywriting – whatever you’re promoting (I realize some industries require a more technical…perhaps formal approach but generally speaking, casual rules). Akin to simplicity is not going to-the-moon-and-back trying to make your point. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) does [...]


3 Ways to Stimulate Response with Your Dental Marketing Copy

I’m a visual person. I tend to think in pictures and images. When I set goals I see the process, the path, the end-result of achieving it. And I move forward in that direction (at least that’s the plan). Visualization stimulates energy. Imagination taps into emotions. Images ignite thoughts and compel actions toward creating preferable [...]


5 “Magic” Words That Create Opportunity and Buzz for Your Dental Services

There are 5 magic words that can create opportunity…and productive buzz for you and your business or service: “How can I help you?” Copywriter, Steve Slaunwhite, encouraged my deeper thought about those words. He shared the story of an independent sales trainer he interviewed. As a successful salesman, this guy didn’t make a gazillion cold [...]

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