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Where “More” is Better When Evaluating Your Dental Website Content

Who says, “More is better?” Perhaps the best discussion of “more” is…WHERE it’s better. I hear this often, “We need MORE content on our dental website home page…on our services pages…” More. More. More. Enough? Again, the real issue is where to apply a “more-is-better” strategy. And there’s a strategic point of evaluation that’s often […]


How to Find Your “Voice” and Compel a Positive Response to Your Dental Marketing Message

“Imagine the person you’re writing to. Picture him or her as a friend. Believe that the (service) you’re (promoting) will improve your friend’s life. Figure out what it would take to convince you to buy the product.” – Paul Hollingshead “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.” That memorable phrase contains a […]


What a Back-Handed Criticism Taught Me About Watching My Language and How It Can Improve Your Dental Website Content

A criticism recently got under my skin. I prefer to roll with push-back but this one irritated me given my experience and expertise. It involved a discussion about a website’s language, tone, and readability. By the way, each are vital on your dental website and in your dental marketing. Let’s make one thing clear – […]

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