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Do You Have a Social Media Chip-on-Your-Shoulder? (3 Keys to Get Rid of It)

Trust and authenticity are the currency of social media. And your Facebook page alongside your Twitter account and blog are the places where you should lavishly spread that currency around. I emphasized trust and authenticity in a recent post because people are now so oriented to interacting with dental companies, dental practices, and dental supply […]


If You’ve Ever Been Duped with Fine-Print (Or Been the Dup-er)…Read This!

If you’ve ever been teased or pranked – you know the feeling. It’s irritating to be duped. And while duped might be a bit strong, it carries the emotional punch necessary to explain what I’m talking about. Occasionally I receive a mailer with a headline announcing something like a SPECIAL PRICE…etc.The layout and content do […]


3 Questions Dental Web Copywriting Must Answer…or Else

Picture a large sports venue with a seating capacity of 40 to 50,000. Put yourself as a dental marketer or a dental service provider in one of those thousands of seats. The stadium announcer booms out (Why? I don’t know. But stick with me…), “This just in…a local dental practice seeks a substantial supply of […]

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