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The First (of 3) Snooze-You-Lose Strategies That Eliminate Panic and Propel Your Dental Marketing

If you’ve ever attended a family reunion you understand. I’ll explain. At the core, it’s the same principle that connects your dental marketing to the big-picture strategy. My dad made a statement at our most recent family reunion. I can’t get it out of my mind. It answers the question, “Why am I here?” And […]


How to Pump-Up the Slumps in Your Dental Business & Life

I scrolled through some archived e-newsletter content I published three years ago (wow). Amazed that as a freelance copywriter, and (adding to the mix) now a blogger, social media content writer/strategist, and soon to be info-publisher, I’m – to the week – experiencing similar thoughts and challenges about life and business building. Labor Day weekend […]


3 Fundamentals for Publishing an Enewsletter as a Follow-up Tool

The problem may not be your lack of follow-up but how consistently you lack it. Think about it! You have good intentions when it comes to following up on prospects and potential leads in your dental marketing. But how many times can you draft an email or hand-written note and keep doing it over and […]

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