The Voice and your copywriting tone

The Voice is an NBC prime time television series that features musical superstars Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton, and Adam Levine (of Maroon Five) as judges. Each selected their team of vocalists from a parade of vocal talent. The catch – they initially listened to them sing with their backs turned to them, only focusing on the contestant’s voice.

Think about it, we listen to radio, a download, or an album in much the same way. We hear the voice without seeing the singer.

I admit, sometimes when I’m watching American Idol I’ll close my eyes as the competitor sings. Focusing on their voice instead of their presentation reveals something about their talent.

Voice connects. And it’s the starting point for effective copywriting.

Voice is the tone, attitude, or style chosen to communicate the message. It’s how you focus and evaluate your marketing content.

Is your voice clear to your target audience? Can readers hear your voice over the noise of other competitors? Does the presentation/packaging hide your voice?

And such an evaluation begs the deeper question – what IS my voice and how do I choose IT? I’ll make it easy by suggesting one voice that works.

Direct response copywriter, Paul Hollingshead, suggests…

“Imagine the person you’re writing to. Picture him or her as a friend.”

Writing to a friend is entirely different than keeping it strictly business. The error many make in the first sentence is taking on a formal…corporate voice.

Here’s how to use a friend-to-friend copywriting voice:

Be conversational.

Write like you talk. People appreciate and relate best to everyday language.

Keep it casual.

The goal of marketing is the sale. But keep in mind that people don’t like the idea of being sold. Copywriting should engage emotions.

And speaking of emotions…

Connect emotionally.

One of the fundamental rules of selling, according to Michael Masterson, is “people buy for emotional not rational reasons.” As a dental supplier…dental marketer that means people are more interested in the emotional benefits of the latest teeth whitening product than they are the “latest…greatest” features you’re promoting!

Find your voice and your market will listen!

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